9 Sight Words Games for Kids

What Are Sight Words? The importance of learning sight words is that it will help your child’s reading accuracy and fluency. Sight words are the most common words found in reading.  They appear on almost every page in a book; especially in early reader books. It is important for beginning readers to practice reading sight words.  … Continue reading “9 Sight Words Games for Kids”

Recognizing Strengths in Kids

When the 8 grandkids (all under 10 years old), arrive for a visit, our house is filled with varied personalities. Empathetic, aloof, funny, competitive you name it, and we probably have it.  Each visit I am recognizing strengths that I had not seen before and I marvel at the changes right before my eyes.  Kid’s … Continue reading “Recognizing Strengths in Kids”

Sight Word Practice at Home & School

8 Ways to Practice Sight Words Sight Word Search – Let the child select a handful of sight word cards at random and ask them to find them around the house or classroom. (magazines, newspapers, books etc.) Hide- and-Seek Sight Words – Hide ten-word card and let your child find them and read them to … Continue reading “Sight Word Practice at Home & School”

Sight Words: Good Start for New Readers

Did you know that there is a list of 200+ sight words that are seen LOTS OF TIMES in reading and writing? Kids that know these words can become better readers.   Including them in games and everyday activities can make learning fun for kids.  These words are high-frequency words and kids that know these words … Continue reading “Sight Words: Good Start for New Readers”

COVID-19 Learning Activities Reading Newsletter

Who would think that I would ever be posting a COVID-19 Learning activities newsletter? However, here we are with schools closed and millions of kids home. Parents are stepping up to “homeschool” their children and are using home packets and online resources. For many this is unfamiliar territory and an added element to their already … Continue reading “COVID-19 Learning Activities Reading Newsletter”

ThreeRingsConnections’ January 2019 Newsletter

Yes, December was a busy month.  But, honestly isn’t every month busy?  So, for those of you that may have missed a post or two, (or three), here is a complete list of all December’s posts.  You can also access all 61 of my posts, by looking at the Sept./Oct and November links.    December … Continue reading “ThreeRingsConnections’ January 2019 Newsletter”

First Grade Reading Overview

First grade reading and writing curricula looks different in different states, countries, and classrooms.  However, there are some basic expectations and ideas that can be used to support learning. Building reading skills is an essential part of a first grader’s learning process and academic success down the road. Even when students are not specifically learning … Continue reading “First Grade Reading Overview”

First Grade Learning Standards

This resource consolidates all New York State first grade learning standards into one document (2019). It was intended to be used as a reference tool by teachers, specialists, and administrators responsible for designing programs for second grade students. However, during the current COVID-19 crisis, it is helpful for homeschooling families and parents supporting remote learning. … Continue reading “First Grade Learning Standards”

ThreeRingsConnections.org September Posts

Each day we spend with kids is an opportunity to teach a piece of ourselves. September posts certainly seem trivial while we all live through a pandemic. It seems that I hear daily from friends, family members and readers of the many struggles they are facing in this health crisis. I am inspired by their … Continue reading “ThreeRingsConnections.org September Posts”

Preschool Readers (2 to 5 years)

Preschool Readers (2 to 5 yrs.) Learning to read is not easy and takes time.  Many parents wonder on the best ways to help their kids learn to read.  With 8 grandkids under 9, we have various levels of reading going on in our family. Ranging in age from 7 months to “newly 9” we … Continue reading “Preschool Readers (2 to 5 years)”