COVID-19 Organizing Learning

COVID-19 learning is our new reality and it has created a new kind of teaching for everyone.  But for parents, who are now taking on this responsibility, the question of where do we start is major. COVID-19 Learning Tools Keep a log of learning – Learning can occur anywhere, so take a few minutes, to … Continue reading “COVID-19 Organizing Learning”

COVID-19 Learning Resources

COVID-19 Learning Resources Who would think I would still be posting COVID-19 Learning resources 5 months later than my first COVID-19 post? But we are here, once again, with schools closed, delayed or virtual and millions of families impacted. Parents are stepping up to “homeschool” their children and are using home packets and online resources. … Continue reading “COVID-19 Learning Resources”

COVID-19 Is Making Educating Kids Tough

Education reforms have often been described as “building the airplane while it’s in the air”.  Yep, I’ve used the phrase, but it can’t be any more accurate that what we are going through right now.  Today, COVID-19 has us building fleets of airplanes to support millions of kids.   Some districts had created an infrastructure … Continue reading “COVID-19 Is Making Educating Kids Tough” April Posts

Each day we spend with kids is an opportunity to teach a piece of ourselves. What a month! My 2019 Blog resolution was to be sure that I posted a newsletter on time each month. Today, living through a pandemic, my 2019 goal certainly seems trivial. It was so important to me to get my … Continue reading “ April Posts”