Are You A Real Teacher?

Good Luck Student Teachers -You've got this!
Good Luck Student Teachers -You’ve got this!

On Opening Day, each year, I gave each staff member an inspirational poem about being a teacher. The poems were typed on decorative paper with a small trinket (heart, shell) attached. Often I would see it in the classrooms, and that made all the printing and gluing worth the effort. 

So, as we end our semester together, I want to share with you my Opening Day poem from 2010-2011.  How many of the 13 items below sound like you this past semester?   

I hope you enjoyed your student teaching experience.  It’s time to go out and find the teaching job that is right for you!  Enjoy the journey friends.  You’ve got this.  

  • Real teachers grade papers in the car, during commercials, in faculty meeting at times in the bathroom.
  • Real teachers cheer when they hear April 1st or Halloween does not fall on a school day.
  • Real teachers can’t walk past a crowd of kids without straightening up the line (or at least thinking about it).
  • Real teachers have disjointed necks from writing on boards or turning their backs on the class.
  • Real teachers are written-up in medical journals for the size and elasticity of kidneys and bladders.
  • Real teachers have been timed gulping down a full lunch in 2 minutes.
  • Real teachers can predict exactly which parents will show up at Open House.
  • Real teachers are solely responsible for the destruction of the rain forest.
  • Real teachers have their best conferences in the parking lot.
  • Real teachers have never heard an original excuse.
  • Real teachers buy Tylenol and Advil at Costco.
  • Real teachers will eat anything that is put in the Faculty Room.
  • Real teachers know secretaries and custodians run the school.

Real teachers hear the heartbeats of crisis; always have time to listen; know they teach students, not subjects; and are non-expendable.


Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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