Article-A-Day Helps Comprehension

An article each day builds comprehension skills.
An article each day builds comprehension skills.

Article-A-Day in 3 Steps

Article-A-day is a strategy that teachers use in a classrooms that assigns students a non-fiction article to read each day.  This technique strengthens a student’s background knowledge, vocabulary and stamina.  This research-based classroom routine combines writing & oral sharing. The technique is used in whole-class or  small groups and also as an independent project.

A great FREE resource to support your Article-A Day program is ReadWorks. The site provides article sets that include 6-9 articles related on nonfiction topics.  The articles are leveled from Kindergarten – 8th Grade. The resources can be printed, used digitally or projected on a Smartboard. ReadWorks encourages teachers to share their resources with other colleagues. 

  • Step 1: Students read an article independently. For students who cannot read independently yet, the teacher reads the article out loud twice.
  • Step 2: Each student then uses their own “Book of Knowledge” to write down, or draw a picture of, two or three things they learned from reading and would like to remember in their own “Book of Knowledge.” A classroom Book of Knowledge can also be created if the article is used in whole class instruction.  The strategy builds writing skills and strengthens the reading-writing connection.
  • Step 3: Student volunteers share with the class, in 1-2 minutes, what they’ve learned and want to remember.   

IF 10 minutes is all you need to make an impact on reading comprehension, why not give it a try?

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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