Calendar Picture Books DIY

An easy way to build a child’s vocabulary is to create a Calendar Picture Book. Every December I seem to get lots of different types of calendars. Some of them are quite beautiful but how many calendars does one person need? Looking for something to do with the calendars, I started making Calendar Picture Books for my grand kids.  They are easy to make, FREE (love that word) and kids love them. 

Did you know that typically, a child needs to hear a new word 4 to 12 times before it is added to their vocabulary? So, don’t worry about talking too much to your child; that’s exactly what they need to hear. Through everyday conversations, your child’s vocabulary will grow. Adding pictures. like in this project or reading to your child, helps your child make connections with words and supports their language development.

2 Easy Steps:

  1. Insert the pages in a binder.  Be sure to add writing materials in the back pocket for words, drawings or scribbles.  Better to be prepared if your child wants to write something!
  2. Take the photos from the calendar and put them back to back in plastic page protectors.  My grand kids love the animal photos

3 Ways to Start Conversations: (adapt based on child’s age)

  1. Find the picture: This activity helps kids look through the pictures in the book to find something specific. Ex. Can you find the picture of the white kitty wearing a hat?
  2. Comment Starters– When looking at the photos together you can comment on a photo and try to get your child to comment.  Ex. I love the picture of that dog. Which one is your favorite? Reaffirm your child’s comments.  This does 2 things: acknowledges that you listened and adds to the 4-12 repetition count.
  3. Ask questions about the pictures.  One way to think about asking your child questions about the pictures is to remember the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where,Why) Ex. Looking at a picture of a dog, you can ask any W question to start a conversation.  

A bonus of Calendar Picture Books is that it supports recycling.  So, why not take the opportunity to teach your child about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? Another great conversation topic awaits!