Classroom Grant Winners: Applause

 Grants can help provide high quality classroom resources.
Grants can help provide high quality classroom resources.

Classroom grant winners were just announced for the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley. Congrats to Mrs. J (Grade K) and Mrs. N (Grade 1) two creative teachers that were awarded over $2500.00.

Thank you to the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley for being a great source of support for teachers to obtain high quality classroom resources.  I was so pleased to work with these 2 dedicated teachers to help them write grants for materials for their classrooms. The grants provide STEAM and language arts activities for over 200 students. Their creativity and dedication to their students is evident in their classrooms every day. Thank You Teachers!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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Looking for funding for a classroom project? The Ezra Jack Keats Keats grant opportunity(EJK) mini-grant program  may be the answer.   Teachers  can easily find lessons in Keats’ books to connect to content areas. Most notably, Ezra wanted to cultivate a love of reading that would last for a child’s lifetime. As a result, this grant was created to celebrate the life of EJK and support students and teachers. So, consider applying  a grant and you too will enjoy The Snowy Day!

Application Basics:
Who: Public schools, public libraries, Head Start
Where: Nationwide
Limit: One application per school or library
Not eligible: Private, parochial, public charter schools, private libraries

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