COVID-19 Is Making Educating Kids Tough

Education reforms have often been described as “building the airplane while it’s in the air”.  Yep, I’ve used the phrase, but it can’t be any more accurate that what we are going through right now.  Today, COVID-19 has us building fleets of airplanes to support millions of kids.  

Some districts had created an infrastructure that had teachers ready to go and made remote teaching somewhat seamless for kids and parents.  For other districts, their planes were in various stages of development. However, regardless of the status, teachers, parents and kids have assumed responsibility, took ownership and we are all working collectively towards shared goals.  Yes, this certainly wasn’t planned but we are all going to get through it together.

COVID-19 is our new reality and it has created a new kind of teaching for everyone.  For teachers, they are assigning activities and hoping that kids and parents will work on them and kids will learn.  In education, on-going assessment of material is critical to adjust lessons to support learning. Although lessons may be completed, whether kids learned may not be known for a while.  All of us are working hard and hoping for the best.

Kudos to the millions of parents that have been dealt a major assignment.  They are acting as both teacher and parents and, in many cases, continue their employment from home. Juggling at the finest. 

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Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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