Creativity is Enrichment for Kids

Think CREATIVITY and enrichment this summer.
Think CREATIVITY and enrichment this summer.

Summer vacation is here and how do we encourage kids to keep learning?  The quickest and easiest way is to pick up some math or reading workbooks and assign pages for them to complete.  Although that may be tempting, finding some activities to get kids thinking and learning is  effective to strengthen kids creativity. 

Why Creative Activities?

Creative children believe the world is full of possibilities.  They look at obstacles as challenges to find another way to the end.  This type of thinking is a valuable learning experience. It makes kids confident active learners.

Here’s a list of 5 activities that can be easily adjusted and repeated to get you started. Be creative by making changes to fit your child’s age level, interests and your time schedule. 

Creativity at Home and Traveling

  • Stock a dress up box with clothes and costumes. (Scarves, hats, belts, material) Adding accessories that go with a career like magnifying glass, helmets, stethoscope also are great.  Don’t miss out on After-Halloween sales!
  • Pantry Shopping- Allow your kids to fill a grocery bags with items (remove breakables for little ones). They can pretend to be grocery shopping, having a meal or use them to build towers or mazes. Endless possibilities!
  • Build blanket forts.  After the fun of boiling it, why not give the structure a name?  A castle, a mall, grocery store, the ideas are endless. 
  • Start simple drawings together that you can finish or color. Allow your child to start drawings for you. 
  • In a restaurant, play with small items from your purse or table items.  Items such as sugar, salt packets, straws, paper clips and coins can help to keep kids occupied while waiting for your order.  
  • Plan activities during your car ride on a schedule.  At mile markers or time, take a new activity out of your travel bag.  Include items like inexpensive books, toys, games etc.  Be strategic to give our a “GREAT” activity at times in the journey when you NEED it the most.  For older kids, they can pack their “travel bag” prior to the trip.  The trick is to schedule taking out a new item. Without a schedule, kids will use all the activities in the first hour and your trip is bound to be much less enjoyable.  Building some suspense may make even the smallest activity a little more enjoyable.  Happy Travels!

Developing a child’s creativity is lots of fun for both you and your child.  Enjoy the journey! 

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