Easter Eggs: The Day After

Creative ways to re-purpose all those Easter eggs this year!
Creative ways to re-purpose all those Easter eggs this year!

This Easter we will be celebrating with 5 of our 8 grandkids (all under the age of 6) with 4 of them participating in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Now, mathematically, for each of them to “find” 20 Easter eggs; we will need 80 plastic eggs.  Now that’s “eggstravagant”. 

I’ve always been about recycling or re-purposing items.  Maybe it’s the teacher in me that was always looking for something FREE or to use something that I had in another way. Today, upcycling is the popular term and plastic Easter eggs are the perfect material to get your creativity flowing. 

Plastic Egg Uses All Year Long

  • Spring Garland – String some wire (fishing wire works great) through the eggs to make some fancy garland.
  • Portion control – great size for a little treat that can fit in a lunchbox or handbag.
  • Maracas– Fill with anything that will make noise.  Let  your music flow.  Depending on the filler, your little musician will be either play loudly or softly.  Be sure to put tape around the egg after filling.  Your young artists can also decorate their Maracas.  
  • Bird Feeders– Who doesn’t love homemade bird feeders?  Put the string through the eggs (many eggs have a hole in the end), put peanut butter or icing all over egg and roll in bird seed. Simple quick and kids love it.
  • Make a wreath– Glue the eggs on a wire frame.  To make a large wreath glue the eggs onto a pool noodle. Frames and pool noodles are only $1 at your local dollar store.
  • Bathtub toys– They are colorful, float and can be filled with water.  A perfect bathtub toys.
  • Craft storage – Perfect holder for small craft supplies such as googly eyes, and beads. For some crafts you can even color code your eggs.
  • Learning numbers and letters– A permanent marker can be used to match upper and lower letters, and numbers or letters.  You can also spell out words and letter sounds.  Save those “real” egg cartons for perfect storage.   
  • Money holders– Holds loose change in your handbag or car.
  • Storage– Good size for play dough, or slime.
  • Color identification – ½ and ½ – Good way to demonstrate ½ and whole by showing how an egg is composed of 2 halves.  Helps when you demonstrate using 2 different colors.
  • Containers for Sensory Items- Perfect size to scoop items such as; rice, flakes, beans, noodles, sand etc.
  • Picture frame decorations – Glue the egg halves around a plain picture frame to create a colorful frame.
  • Shake & Guess– Fill the eggs with items for kids to guess their contents (e.g. coins, rice, rocks, pebbles)
  • Mismatch Eggs– Have kids “fix” the eggs to be all one color.
  • Sand Toy – Perfect or shoveling sand at the beach.  Small to fit in your suitcase and cheap so you can throw out when done.
  • Egg Race – Balance a plastic egg on a spoon and compete against others in a race.  Plastic eggs can be filled with water or dirt to give them weight.
  • Small Storage- Perfect for buttons, sewing kits, cotton balls, band-aids, jewelry, screws.

Happy Easter Folks!  Hope you have an Eggcelent Day!
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?