Every Kid in a Park Program

Free admission to State Parks for every 4th grade student throughout the nation.
Free admission to State Parks for every 4th grade student throughout the nation

Every 4th grader in our nation is eligible for the “Every Kid in a Park” program.  This program that allows fourth graders, along with their family and friends, FREE ADMISSION to our nation’s parks during their 4th grade school year (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31). Visitors can learn about their heritage and connect with nature.  No matter where you live in the United States, there’s a site within two hours of your home.

Parents or educators can download a paper pass for each of their 4th graders for the yearlong pass.  The pass is free but must be brought with each fourth grader on their trip.  At some sites, the ranger will exchange the paper pass for a plastic pass.  The plastic pass is waterproof and makes a great souvenir.

School Field Trips

Fourth grade teachers can also download a paper pass for each of their students for a school field trip.  A field trip with your class offers a unique learning opportunity.  Many of the Kid in the Park locations even offer special programs for fourth graders.  The “Every Kid in a Park” website also provides resources for field trips to discover wildlife, resources and history.

“Every Kid in a Park” Links

  • Every Kid in a Park Program brochure – Here’s the link (PDF file, 4.8 MB) to download and print a PDF version
  • Every Kid in a Park resources – a set of resources (ZIP file, 15.4 MB)
  • Activity Guide 1: Exploring Federal Lands and Waters (PDF). This lesson teaches students why our country protects lands and waters.
  • Activity Guide  2: Environmental Stewardship (PDF). This lesson shows students how to take care of lands and waters.
  • Activity Guide 3: Our Nation’s Native Peoples (PDF). This lesson teaches students about the people who lived on this land before it was called the United States.
  • Activity Guide 4: Citizen Science (PDF). This lesson helps kids learn about the difference between weather and climate.

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