Exit Tickets (Slips) in the Classroom?

Exit Tickets are a quick and easy student assessment
Exit Tickets are a quick and easy student assessment

Recently while observing student teacher lessons I realized that each of them used Exit Tickets as their closure activity. Although they each teach different grades and subjects, they all used Exit Tickets as the “go-to” strategy to check for understanding. And it worked! 

What are Exit Tickets (slips)

An exit ticket is a formative assessment tool used to assess student learning and to plan future lessons. Typically, a prompt or a question, it is given to students at the end of a class that is tied to the objective of the lesson taught that day. They are usually in a multiple-choice format or an open response. These mini assessments are meant to be no more than 1-5 minutes and not graded.

10 Exit Ticket Benefits

  • Allows students to self-assess
  • Clarifies main concept of the lesson
  • Keeps students engaged in the lesson
  • Assesses student understanding
  • Creates an additional review and reinforcement opportunity
  • Invites students to ask questions or clarify thoughts
  • Guides teacher lesson design based on student understanding
  • Helps organize small group instruction
  • Provides data on student progress.
  • Opens a communication channel between teacher and student

Exit slips are easy to use for teachers and students.  They can be used at every grade level. So, why not give them a try?

Great article on Exit Slips by education expert Robert Marzano. Check it out. 

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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