Father’s Day Jokes 2021

Father’s Day jokes will make everyone smile.

I am loving being the Grandma on Father’s Day because I can help the grandkids prepare something for their DADs for the special day.  For the little ones, we tackled a card. But for the older ones…. we went for Father’s Day jokes. Teaching vocabulary, explaining the puns, and helping them “deliver” the jokes was hysterical. But watching some of the kids crack up with laughter and the others rolling their eyes, just made my day. 

So, to my sons and son-in-law, I hope you enjoy the kids presents as much as I did helping them get ready.  

Happy Father’s Day Friends! 

10 Father’s Day Jokes

  1. What did the golfer dad want for Father’s Day?
  2. What do dads like to snack on for Father’s Day?
  3. When does Father’s Day come before St. Patrick’s Day?
  4. Why did the kids give their dad a blanket for Father’s Day?
  5. What is the last thing the balloon said to his dad on Father’s Day?
  6. What is the easiest kind of flower to find for dad on Father’s Day?
  7. What do dads like to eat for breakfast on Father’s Day?
  8. How do dads look on Father’s Day?
  9. What kind of music did the kids play for their dad on Father’s Day?
  10. What is the first thing a dad does on Father’s Day?


  1. A Tee Shirt
  2. POPcorn.
  3. In the dictionary!
  4. Because he was the coolest dad.
  5. POP!
  6. Daddylions.
  7. POP Tarts!
  8. With their eyes.
  9. Pop music.
  10. He wakes up!

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