Hello Kindergarten: Great Resource

Kindergarten transition is important.
Kindergarten transition is important.

Another one of our grandkids is going to Kindergarten in September. Miss Em will soon join her “soon to be” 1st grade sister at school and on the “always exciting” school bus ride.

As teachers, my daughter and I are pretty sure that Miss Em is ready to go; but with 5-year-olds, readiness sometimes depends on the day! For those parents looking for a good resource the Hello Kindergarten toolkit is a great online toolkit. The toolkit contains a variety of resources to help families through kindergarten transition. The resource was developed by a partnership between the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and the Connecticut State Department of Education.  Although it was developed for Connecticut families, this is an excellent resource for all families looking to support their “soon to be” Kindergartener. 

The toolkit includes multiple topics on transition such as: 

  • What your child should know and be able to do before her/she goes off to school,
  • How to give your child a healthy start, and
  • How the registration process works.

Even if you think your child is ready for Kindergarten; it certainly is worth a look.  Enjoy this special time with your child!

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