Historical Dates and Learning: May & June 2019

May & June Historical Dates in lessons gives relevance to learning.

Including Historical Dates in lessons gives relevance to learning.

For kids in school, knowing historical dates helps them relate to history and builds their general knowledge. Knowing these dates can help teachers engage students in conversations and students may even be impressed  by their teachers historical knowledge!


National Bike Month

May 1         Mother Goose Day

May 4         Kentucky Derby Day

May 5         Cinco de Mayo

May 5         First Day of Ramadan

May 6         National Nurses Day

May 7         National Teacher’s Day

May 8         School Nurses Day

May 12       Mother’s Day

May 26       Sally Ride’s Birthday (1951) First USA Woman in Space

May 27 Memorial Day (Day to honor service men and women who gave their lives for freedom and country)


National Safety Month

June 1 Oscar the Grouch’s Birthday

June 3 First U.S. Space Walk (1965)

June 4 First Hot Air Balloon Flight (1783)

June 7                Donut Day

June 15th Fathers’s Day

June 18 International Picnic Day

June 21 First Day of Summer

June 25 Eric Carle Birthday

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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