Magazines: 2 Free for Educators

Sometimes you just need a magazine with short, easy to read articles on education topics.  A resource to share with your colleagues over lunch.  A resource that gives ideas to immediately use in your classroom. Two resources that you may want to try are Edutopia and District Administrator.   

Edutopia is a magazine that celebrates and encourages innovation in K-12  Edutopia cover schools.  The George Lucas Educational Foundation publishes this resource for educators.  Sign-up on the website is easy.  Only available through digital subscription.  Get great resources sent to your mailbox each week.

District Administration (DA)  The most widely received and most regularly read publication for school district leaders nationwide. It is available in print and digital formats. If you are a K-12 District Administrator magazinedistrict leader you may qualify for a free subscription to the DA print magazine.  A digital edition is available on line for free.

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