March Prompts to Get Students Writing

March prompts to get students writing
March prompts to get students writing

Writing gives children an opportunity to share their ideas and express their creativity.  But writing is not easy and many new writers struggle when faced with a blank page.  Writers, both novice and experienced, need encouragement but they also can benefit from getting some ideas (prompts) to get them started. 

Giving your kids a variety of topics to help them extend their vocabulary and language skills.  Kids can find their “voice” through writing poems, songs, jokes or stories.  But don’t limit their choices to “common” types of writing.  Encourage them to see and find “writing” in the world around them.  Commercials, plays, TV shows, ads, emails and blogs are all opportunities to share their writing.

March prompts

  • Green Tale: St. Patrick’s Day is March 17.  Green is a popular color in March.  Write down a list of 20 things that are green.  Write a story that includes 5 of the green things.
  • Magic Words:  Harry Potter isn’t the only one with magic words.  Write a story in which you are a wizard or princess and when you say three magic words something amazing happens. 
  • New Sport:  It’s a cold, snowy day outside and perhaps you can’t think of something to do.  Invent a new sport that you could play outside.  Write down your idea and how to play the game. Share your idea with someone else.  They may have some ideas to include in your game also. 
  • Did I hear that?  Adding something strange to a normal situation can start a story.  You’re sitting at the breakfast table one morning and you hear your cereal say something to you. Tell a story of what your cereal said to you.
  • Once upon a time:  There are many books, movies and TV shows that tell stories about characters.  Choose your favorite character and write a story about how that character came over to your house for a sleepover.  Did anything unusual happen? 

Check out my monthly post of writing prompt ideas to help inspire our new authors. Let’s make 2020 the Year of the Writer! Enjoy!

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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