Math Enrichment Problems: May 2019

Math Enrichment Problems (May) for Grades 2/3
Math Enrichment Problems (May) for Grades 2/3

Welcome to the 6th month of threeringsconnections.orgMonthly Math Enrichment Problems post, Each month I post some Math Enrichment problems for grades 2-3.  I hope you will find them useful with your students in class or your kids at home.

Don’t forget to use 1 of your 6 problem solving strategies

  • Draw a picture
  • Guess and Check
  • Use a table or list
  • Find a pattern
  • Logical reasoning
  • Draw a picture Working backwards (try a simpler version first)

Problem Solving – Here we go! 

  1. It was Jerry’s birthday. He bought 26 cupcakes. He gave one cupcake to each member of his class, one to his teacher, one to his principal, and one each to the two secretaries in the office. He also had a cupcake.  All the cupcakes are gone.  Including Jerry, how many students are in the class?
  2. When Donna calls Noreen on the phone the call usually lasts 12 minutes.  Last night they talked on the phone for 1 minute more than twice the time they usually spend on the phone.  Last night’s phone call lasted ___ minutes.
  3. There are 5 numbered lockers outside Brooklyn’s classroom. She opened all 5 lockers.  Then Meghan closed lockers 2 and 4. Emily changed locker 3. (That means if it was open, she closed it or if it was closed, she opened it.) Teagan changed locker 4 and Abby changed locker 5.  Which numbered lockers are still open?
  4. Some 2nd and 3rd graders entered a total of 32 poems in the Poetry Contest. Five 3rd grade students entered 4 poems each.  The 6 remaining 2nd grade students entered the rest of the poems. If each of the 2nd grade students entered the same amount of poems, how many poems did each 2nd grader enter.
  5. Lowyn added up all the single-digit odd numbers and all the single digit even numbers.  What was the sum?
  6. A pet store has only cats and dogs.  There are a total of 64 legs for all the cats and dogs. If there are 9 dogs, how many cats are there?


  1. 22 students in the class
  2. 25 minutes:  2 X 12 minutes = 24 minutes and 1 additional minute
  3. Brooklyn opened locker 1 and it stayed open.  Meghan and Emily closed 2,3,4.  Teagan reopened 4 and Abby closed 5.  The only ones that are opened are 1 and 4.
  4. 3rd graders entered 20 poems (five students each entered 4 for 20 total). The 32 total poems minus 3rd grade poems (20) =12 left to be divided by the remaining 6 students.  So, each student entered 2 poems (6 students X 2 poems =12 poems)  32 = 20 +12
  5. 1+3+5+7+9 = 25 and 2+4+6+8 =20   so 25+20= 45
  6. IF we have 9 dogs with 4 legs that means 36 legs (9 X 4).  64 legs – 36 legs = 28 legs belong to cats.  Since cats have 4 legs (4 X 7 = 28). There are 4 cats.

Don’t forget to check in NEXT MONTH for more Enrichment Problems 

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