Mini Detective Mysteries

You can solve mini detective mysteries.

Great detectives have an awesome eye for details.  They solve crimes by looking carefully at crime scenes, interviewing suspects, and listening to alibis. Read the Mini Detective Mysteries below CAREFULLY  and THINK like a detective.  Happy Investigating!

Detective Mysteries

  • Two girls played five complete games of chess.  Each girl wins the same number of games. There are no ties.  How?
  • If it takes 5 women to dig 5 holes, how long does it take one woman to dig half a hole?
  • A farmer has seventeen sheep.  All but nine of them die.  How many sheep does he have left?
  • The landscaper at the circular mansion was found unconscious in the foyer.  He had been poisoned.  The detective interviewed the cook, maid, and babysitter.  The cook’s alibi was that she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  The maid was dusting the corner of all the rooms.  The babysitter was in the yard playing with the kids. Who was not telling the truth?
  • The red house is on one side of the street and the blue is on the other, where is the White House?
  • A man was found dead early Thursday morning.  He was killed while his wife was sleeping.  The wife knew everyone’s whereabouts and shared it with the detective.  The wife tells the detective that the cook was cleaning the oven, the maid was making the beds and the butler was polishing the candlesticks.  The detective immediate arrested the person responsible.  Who is responsible and why?
  • Kelly tells Chris, “This isn’t the $20 bill you left on the table. I found it in between pages 38 and 39 in the book on the table. Chris tells Kelly, “You’re not telling the truth and I can prove it”. How did Chris know?
  • Joan was killed one Sunday morning.  The investigator knew who to arrest after they discovered where everyone was at the time of the murder. Who killed Joan? Here are the clues.
    • Nancy was getting the mail.
    • Joe was cooking.
    • Karen was planting in the garden.
    • Pat was doing the laundry.

Detective Mysteries Solutions

  • The two girls were not playing against each other.
  • There is no such thing as half a hole.
  • Nine
  • The maid because a circular mansion does not have corners to dust.
  • In Washington, D.C.
  • The wife because if she were sleeping as she stated, how could she have known where everyone was?
  • Books have odd-numbered pages on the right and even-numbered on the left.  So, it is impossible to find the $20 bill between the pages.
  • Joan was killed by Nancy because there is no mail delivery on Sundays.