Motivated Kids LEARN

Learning starts when kids are motivated to learn

Let’s face it.  School is not always FABULOUS.  Sometimes it is great but other times it is not. So, how do you keep kids motivated to learn?  Check out the ideas below to “capture and keep” a child’s attention. 

5 Ways to Keep Kids Motivated

  • Create a Learning Atmosphere – Social, emotional, and academic growth should extend outside the walls of the classroom. Parents and teachers who look at the world as learning opportunities promote a world of on-going learning. 
  • Enthusiasm – As parents and teachers we must show and sometimes “fake” enthusiasm.  IF we show enthusiasm kids are much more inclined to be interested in learning. 
  • Hook into Student Interest – Do we like to learn things we are not interested in?  Of course not.  So, find out what your child is interested in and focus learning in that direction.  Example: If you want them to learn to count and they like cars; count cars.  If they are interested in outer space and you want them to write, write about space. Flexibility and creativity on your part is key.
  • Encourage Different Learning Styles – Since everyone processes information uniquely, in a class of 20+ kids there are going to be a variety of learning styles. As adults we might even have a dominant leaning style (the way we learn best) depending on the situation.  Exposing kids to ALL learning styles will help them be ready for ALL learning opportunities. Try planning experiences that tap into the 8 learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, social, solitary, logical, physical/tactile, and naturalistic.
  • Learning Games – Games can provide opportunities for deeper learning and may motivate kids to learn. Who doesn’t want to have fun?  It is up to teachers and parents to find creative ways to teach kids and have fun at the same time.  We might even have some fun too!

Learning occurs in day to day activities. So, look for and create learning opportunities throughout your day. Stay safe and be well.

Isn’t education All about reaching the kids in the classroom and at home?