Motivating Your Child to Learn

Motivating Kids to Learn
Motivating Kids to Learn

Motivating kids to learn? Here’s what I learned a long time ago.  Kids don’t always do what you want them to do.  I’m hearing parents all over the world saying “that’s certainly true”. Yes, folks and you might experience it from birth to adulthood!

So, getting kids motivated to learn is sometimes a combination of timing, strategies and luck.  Check out some of the strategies below that might get them motivated to learn.   They may even think it’s their idea!

  1. Show a Love of Learning – Be enthusiastic about learning by showing interest in your child’s interests and learning new things. 
  2. Make a Game Out of It – Kids love games, so why not learn something in a game format. You can sing it, dance it out or just play a game.  Add a bit of whimsy will make you both smile. 
  3. Learn Something New Every Day – Try to teach your child at least one thing new every day. It doesn’t have to be big, just something. That’s at least 365 things!
  4. Give up control (sort of) – Power struggles can start at an early age so try giving your child choices of what they want and how they want to learn it.  Remember, you goal is to get them to learn, why not guide them some choice?  You’ve already limited their choices, so it becomes a win-win!  
  5. Encourage learning styles – Kids have different preferences and styles of how they like to learn. Knowing your child’s preferences can help engage them in learning. For young kids it’s good to give them experiences in all the different learning styles. There are 7 basic learning styles
    • Kinesthetic/Physical – Learning through movement
    • Verbal – Learning through language activities
    • Auditory – Learn best through listening
    • Solitary – Learn best alone
    • Social – Learn best in a group
    • Visual – Learn best through seeing things  
    • Mathematical/Logical – Problem solving using hands on items.

Learning becomes fun when kids are interested in learning. It doesn’t really matter if it’s dinosaurs, trucks or skyscrapers. If kids are reading, talking and asking questions they are building background knowledge and learning.  Getting them to want to learn is the trick. 

Isn’t education ALL about reaching the kids?

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