Raising Kids Is Tough, But Worth It

Perhaps it’s the arrival of grandchild #8.  Or, our potential move to another state?  Maybe it’s the nonstop bombardment of news reports on deplorable behavior by politicians on both sides of the aisle.   Whatever it is, I have been thinking lately of how difficult it is raising kids in today’s world. 

Balancing “life” seems very difficult in 2019.  When I had 3 kids under 5, very often my goal was to get through the day with the least amount of disruption.  Today, it seems that parents have another layer of responsibility to try to “do everything perfectly”.  Perhaps it’s the ease of access to information to find articles on every possible topic on “the very best way to bring up the perfect child”. Or, the ongoing sharing of people’s opinions (sometimes unsolicited) on their parenting skills. Parenting is not easy.  It never has been, and it will never be easy.  But I think today’s parents are facing more challenges and higher expectations than the past.  I believe they feel a day to day challenge to be perfect parents. But what is perfect?  

As a parent, I was far from perfect. However, each of my adult children are good people.  They are hard-working, loving and well adjusted.  They have also learned to surround themselves with friends and loved ones that support them to be the best they can be.  I hope what they learned from our imperfections is that even though we were imperfect, they were cared for, loved and we tried like heck to be good parents.  That is what’s really important as parents.

Threeringsconnections.org goal is:

My goal in establishing threeringsconnections.com, is to write simple posts to help parents and teachers support kids at home and the classroom.  Each post can be quickly Read, Tried or Dismissed (RTD). Each post is written from my own experiences as an educator for 30+ years in education and as a parent. In either role, I am far from an expert. However, aren’t we all trying to do the best we can everyday raising kids to be the best they can be?