Comprehension Questions Help Early Readers

Asking questions helps strengthen a child’s reading comprehension.

Parents often wonder how to help their child with reading.  The comprehension question often comes up when they see their child reading the words but are not sure if they understand what they are reading. So, how can you help them when you are not a reading teacher. 

The important part is asking questions to start your child thinking about their reading. It’s totally fine to repeat the same or similar questions after each story. It helps your child learn to think about their reading; before they read, while they read and after they read.

Quick Comprehension Questions

  • Does anything in the story remind you of something that has happened to you?
  • What questions pops into your head about what you read?
  • There are some great pictures in the book. Can you tell me about one of them?
  • Can you summarize what you read?  What happened overall in the story?
  • What were the names of some of the characters?  Did you have a favorite character?  Why?
  • What do you think the title of the story (chapter) means?
  • Can you think of another title of the story?  Why would that be a good choice?
  • Do you think other kids would like this story?  Why?

Remember to balance your questions with fun.  After all, don’t we all just want to read without interruption sometimes? Think of it this way.  Every question is one more and better than none.  And every question or discussion is helpful.  Enjoy!