ReadWorks a FREE Reading Resource (K-12)

ReadWorks provides K-12 teachers with nonfiction and literary resources.
ReadWorks provides K-12 teachers with nonfiction and literary resources

I LOVE this site. ReadWorks is Amazon shopping for EVERY type of teacher!  Everything that you need to support your student’s comprehension.  It’s all in one place and FREE

ReadWorks is a nonprofit that provides K-12 teachers with nonfiction and literary articles that support reading comprehension and vocabulary learning. Resources are easy-to-use, research-based, and FREE (I guess I said that enough). Articles are leveled for reading instruction and can be printed, used digitally or projected on a Smartboard.

ReadWorks Includes:

  • Reading Passages
    • Over 5000 K-12 passages
    • Search by grade or by Lexile
    • Written by experts, curated by educators
    • On curriculum topics
  • Questions Sets
    • Text-based questions
    • Multiple choice and written answer questions
    • Explicit and inferential questions that build a deeper understanding of the important elements of a text
  • Vocabulary
    • Carefully selected, high-impact words
    • Multiple definitions and authentic sentence examples
    • Practice with word families and metacognition
  • Article-A-Day
    •  A 10-minute daily routine that dramatically increases background knowledge, vocabulary, and reading stamina
  • Paired Texts
    • Two texts related by topic or theme
    • Question sets to draw connections and comparisons
  • Step Reads
    • Less complex versions of original passages.
    • Designed to provide access for struggling students.
    • Preserve the integrity of the original text, including vocabulary, knowledge, and length.
  • Lessons and Units
    • Based on trade books.
    • Support instruction of longer texts.
    • Include complete lesson plans with guided practice and independent practice.
  • Student Tools
    • Audio versions of all reading content
    • Ability to highlight, annotate and adjust text size.

ReadWorks encourages teachers to share their resources with other colleagues. Pass it on!

Isn't education ALL about reaching the kids?

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