Sports Trivia Questions for Kids & Adults

Sports trivia keeps your brain sharp.

Trivia is a great way to exercise your brain, keep your mind sharp and learn a few things about a topic.  This month it is time to test your Sports knowledge. sports trivia.  Truth be told…. Sports trivia is one of my weakest categories in our weekly trivia games.  So… it is time for SPORTS TRIVIA!

Sports Trivia Questions

  1. Which sport did George Washington play with his troops?  
  2. In inches, how big is the diameter of a basketball hoop?  
  3. Which team is as well-known for their comic antics as for their on-court skills?  
  4. Which type of ball was basketball played with until 1929?
  5. Who is the only tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times? 
  6. What was the first sport in which women were invited to compete at the Olympics?  
  7. Why did the year 1994 see no baseball World Series?  
  8. In which sport are the terms ‘stale fish’ and ‘mulekick’ used?  
  9. Which is the only country to have played in every World Cup?  
  10. What city of Asia hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008? 
  11.  Which NFL team is the first to win 3 Super Bowls?
  12. In which athletic event did Bruce Jenner win the gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics? 
  13. In American Football which famous Miami Dolphins quarterback retired in 2000? 
  14. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 seasons in which sport? 
  15.  How many players, including the goaltender, make up an ice hockey team? 
  16.  What was banned from 1967 to 1976? 
  17.  In feet, how high is a basketball hoop?  
  18.  What three movements are required for an athlete to successfully complete a triple jump?
  19.  Name the only major team sport in the USA with no game clock?  
  20. What is the maximum time limit allowed to look for a lost ball in golf?  

Sports Trivia Answers

  1. Cricket 
  2.  18 inches 
  3.  Harlem Globetrotters 
  4.  Soccer ball 
  5.  Steffi Graf 
  6.  Tennis, in 1900  
  7.  Player’s strike 
  8.  Snowboarding 
  9.  Brazil 
  10.  Beijing
  11.  The Pittsburgh Steelers 
  12.  The Decathlon 
  13.  Dan Marino 
  14.  Basketball 
  15.  Six
  16.  Slam dunk 
  17.  10 feet 
  18.  Hop, step, and jump 
  19.  Baseball 
  20.  5 minutes 

Learning occurs in day to day activities. So, look for and create learning opportunities throughout your day. Stay safe and be well.

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