SQ3R a Reading Strategy That Works

SQ3R strategy that is highly effective in the classroom and for homework

Recently, when coaching a student teacher, I shared the SQ3R strategy that is highly effective in the classroom and for homework.   The letters stand for a proven five-step process that makes study time more efficient and effective- Survey, Question, Read, Restate and Review.  Here is how this method works:

What is SQ3R?

Survey – Look over the material to see what it is about.  Check out the chapter heads.  Look at photos and graphs. Read the words in bold type.  This will give an idea of what is important.

Questions – Once your child knows the main idea, develop some questions that the assignment might answer.  Who is the main character?  What is the key idea?  Where does the story take place?

Read – Now read the assignment.  As your child reads, have her look for answers to the question she is already developed.

Review – Next, have your child tell you the story (or the important parts of the chapter) in her own words.   Ask her to tell you the most important ideas covered.

Review -Has your child found the answer to all his questions?  What else did she learn?  What surprised her?

Learning occurs in day to day activities. So, look for and create learning opportunities throughout your day. Stay safe and be well.

Isn’t education All about reaching the kids in the classroom and at home?

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