Summer Travel Car Games

Summer Travel Car Games

Summer travel with kids can be a challenge for parents and grandparents. Whether it is a 10-minute ride to do a quick errand or 10-hour road trip, keeping everyone “boredom free” is not always easy. Check out 5 games to try on your next car trip and see the miles fly by. They might even make getting there FUN! 

Summer Travel Games

  1. Add Them Up! – Each player chooses a license plate they see and writes the numbers down. Each player adds the numbers and gets a total.  The player with the highest total wins 1 point. The first player to get 10 points wins. Variations: Change the total number of points to win. Set a time (phone timer works well) for players to find the “best” license plate to use in the game.
  2. License Plate Words – Each player chooses a license plate that has at least three letters. Write the 3 letters down and try to make a word using all 3 letters. The player that makes the word first wins 1 point. The first player to get 10 points wins. Variations: Someone else chooses the license plate and each player tries to make a word using the same letters. Each player tries to make as many words as possible using the 3 letters in a given amount of time and gets 1 point for each word created. The total number of points to win can be adjusted as needed.
  3. License Plate Phrases – A variation from License Plate Words, Phrases challenges plyers to try to make up a phrase or sentence with the initials for the license plate in the same order.  “PGM” could become “Penny Grows Marigolds”. Variations: Choose 3 license plates with letters and make 3 different sentences to tell a story.  This idea can be adjusted to different number of sentences and can be done individually or as a group.
  4. License Plate State Race – Each player tries to find a license plate from different states.  With no preparation, kids can write down the name of the state they found.  With preparation, a list of all the states can be used and they can be checked off.  To make the list reusable, put the list in a page protector on a clipboard and give your child a highlighter to mark off the states as they are discovered. A number can be determined to name a winner, or a winner can be named after a set time limit. Variations: Count the license plates by the background color.  Set a number of each color to win the game. Check off the state by finding the license plate by the state motto.  For younger kids, the prep is a list of state names with the state motto.  Older kids can use a list of state mottos ONLY.
  5. License Plate Alphabet – The object of the game is to find every letter of the alphabet, in order, on license plates. Each player watches license plates and calls out the letters (big letters only) as she sees them. Letters must be called in alphabetical order and players can find more than one letter on a license plate. Completing the alphabet is the reward if it is a group game.  IF you have a competitive group, the winner can be the person who completes the alphabet by finding the letter Z.

I am ready for the 12-hour trip to the beach.  Bring it on girls!

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