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Each day we spend with kids is an opportunity to teach a piece of ourselves.

What a month! My 2019 Blog resolution was to be sure that I posted a newsletter on time each month. Today, living through a pandemic, my 2019 goal certainly seems trivial. It was so important to me to get my posts out in a systematic, timely fashion – and I celebrated that my goal was met. In 2020, I deliberated on whether to continue blogging. I thought perhaps my efforts would be better placed spending more time with my college students or grant writing. After much thought, I decided to continue balancing the three efforts. Once again it was an internal struggle that today, a short 4 months later, seems trivial. Today’s health crisis certainly puts everything into perspective. It seems that I hear daily from friends, family members and readers of the many struggles they are facing in this health crisis. I am inspired by their resilience “to make it work”.

Parents have taken the helm to be their child’s teachers and kids are learning. Yes, it may not be the same as in school, but learning is happening. As parents continue their teaching challenge, I’m hoping that my posts can be helpful. I’ve changed the frequency and topics to provide resources and ideas to support parents in their new teaching role.

So, as we move into the month of May I hope that your day-to-day teaching becomes more manageable. Parents are and will always be their child’s #1 Teacher. For the past few months, it’s been 24/7. I hope you enjoy this time with your children and continue to find learning opportunities all around you. Stay safe and be well.

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