Using An Editing Checklist Improves Writing

Using An Editing Checklist Improves Writing

An Editing Checklist is a great tool to help students improve their writing.  By teaching students how to use an editing checklist they will be better able to address their own mistakes while writing. It allows students to revise and edit until it is “just right”.

5 Steps to Use Editing Checklist

  • Tell students the purpose of the checklist.
  • Tell students the best authors use checklists.
  • Provide the checklist at the beginning of the assignment so they can use it through the writing process (pre-writing, rough draft, revising, editing, peer editing, and final copy).  Remind them to go over the checklist prior to the publishing stage.
  • Demonstrate how to use the checklist.
  • Ask students to turn in the checklist with their published list.  This will help them be accountable for the items on the checklist.

Editing Checklist Sample

When I was a K-2 elementary principal we adopted the following checklist to help our students become better writers.  

  1. I have reread my work to make sure it says what I intended to write.
  2. I have checked to make sure my sentences are not too long.  If they are, I have rephrased them.
  3. I have checked to see that I used the correct verb tense.
  4. I have found misspelled words, circled them, and tried spelling them correctly in the margin.
  5. I have checked to see if I used the correct homophone. (there, their, for, four)
  6. I have checked to see if I have used correct punctuation (commas, question marks, periods, quotation marks, apostrophes)
  7. Every sentence begins with an uppercase letter.
  8. I have checked to see that my nouns and verbs agree.
  9. I have indented each new paragraph (new thought per paragraph)
  10. I have used uppercase letters for names of people, places, and proper nouns.

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