Virtual Aquariums Are Fun

Virtual aquariums are amazing!

I have been a fan of aquariums for years. But getting to all the great ones throughout the country is impossible.  The next best thing is taking virtual aquarium tours. It is so much fun to see things that you probably will not ever see in face to face. If your are ready to take a deep dive without leaving your chair, check out some of the virtual aquariums below.

Many of the experiences allow you to click and drag images to navigate your way around and use arrows, the maps, or scenes to explore various exhibits. Many of the aquariums have webcams of small and big sea animals.  The Aquarium of the Pacific will even take you into the world of sharks.  Happy exploring!

6 Virtual Aquariums to Explore

These aquarium resources are accessible 24-7 and FREE.  Can’t beat that!  Check back again to see upcoming posts on resources for virtual trips to zoos, museums, and National Parks.

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